Organic Marketing Redefined: The ideal environment for growth
September 8, 2022

so In my experience, most of the business owners I have had the privilege to meet understand the importance of marketing their business, but they want nothing to do with the process of marketing.


Because its something that requires focus. It requires emotional energy. Its not a checklist you can tick off while youre busy multi-tasking.

The thought process behind putting a solid marketing strategy together can be extremely taxing and time-consuming. I often encounter business owners who find themselves in one of these two situations:

  • those who have the time and energy to invest in their marketing but dont have the budget to execute a good strategy.
  • those who have the budget to work with but struggle to find the time and capacity to invest in their marketing strategy.

What is marketing?
Marketing is the process in which you build the ideal environment for developing a quality relationship with your customer.

At iG Marketing Co, this is our focus. We believe in the old-school way of doing things, which is evident in our Immutable Laws:

  1. Short-cuts never lead to a destination worth investing in.
  2. Quality saves cost.
  3. The resources you invest in building relationships, will determine the potential of your business.

So why don’t quick-fixes work out so well, when it comes to marketing?

For the same reason that anything organic needs time to adapt to its surroundings before it can grow into its full potential.

Organizations are made up of people; and people are relational beings. If your customers don’t feel safe, they will not be willing to commit. When your clients don’t feel valued, they will not feel inspired to invest. Should your clients feel misunderstood and unheard, they wont believe your product will solve their problem. How will you be able to design the perfect environment for your client in which they can feel VALUED, UNDERSTOOD, SAFE and INSPIRED without investing the time to really get to know them?

Bridging the gap IG Marketing Co

The art of bridging the gap

The best marketing specialists have a unique ability to bridge the gap between the supplier and consumer within their market. But the relationship remains a two-way street between the supplier and consumer. The marketing team builds the environment for the relationship to thrive, but the commitment to build and maintain the relationship remains the responsibility of the supplier and consumer. In marketing, as with any relationship, when there is insufficient investment of TIME, MONEY and RESOURCES, expecting an adequate return will likely result in disappointment.


With that being said, we understand how different seasons can affect the capacity your business has to invest in certain things. The beauty of a well-planned and executed marketing strategy is that it brings the principle of amplification and the potential of multiplication into the process.

You can work with what you have at your disposal (even if it’s just a seed), and by investing in building the best environment for optimal growth (tending to the soil), you will soon be seeing the fruit of those investments.

When to start

If you have a vision of a thriving organization, supported by a loyal customer base who are fueled with inspiration to promote your brand, there is never a better time than now to start investing in a solid marketing strategy.

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